Every skill you need to make sense of your digital data

We can match your most challenging requirements of your data intensive applications and analytics capabilities. We can guide your business in becoming data-driven or be your peer to your data, analytics or data science department. We proved our proficiency at digital natives like Spotify, Truecaller, Acast, as well as enterprises like banks (ING) and telecoms (Play, Kcell)

  • Data, Cloud & AI Transformation

    Data, Cloud & AI Transformation

    Start or accelerate your data, cloud and AI initiatives in the most efficient way by following our successful way-of-working frameworks based on industry standards such as Data Mesh, Agile, Design Thinking. Reuse our multi-year experience in data, cloud and AI that come from various projects for international corporations and fast-growing scaleups

  • Data Science, AI and ML

    Data Science, AI and ML

    Increase revenue, reduce costs and innovate your products & services thanks to dedicated AI/ML models and solutions for personalisation, recommendation, prediction, segmentation, churn detection, customer life-time-value and others. We design, implement and deploy them to production with our dedicated MLOps toolkit

  • Advanced Analytics and BI

    Advanced Analytics and BI

    Find actionable insights, answer business questions and make data-driven decisions based on trusted data, high-quality reports and data products that we provide to you

  • Data Cloud Engineering and Migration

    Data Cloud Engineering and Migration

    Design and execute your cloud strategy with the best architecture and DevOps, DevSecOps or FinOps approaches. Migrate your infrastructure, applications and workloads to the cloud in a cost-efficient manner while maximizing value from the cloud services

  • Data Platform Engineering

    Data Platform Engineering

    Develop your even most demanding data infrastructure to support your core applications or to scale out your analytics capabilities.

    Make your platform best-of-class, secure, enabling challenging real-time and ML applications

    We mix cloud managed services with cloud native open source technologies to tailor platforms to your needs. We work in AWS, GCP, Azure and leverage vendors like Snowflake or Databricks

  • Data Pipelines Engineering

    Data Pipelines Engineering

    Collect, integrate and deliver your data from all possible sources to your central data repository. Then model and transform your data into data assets and deliver them to third-party systems. Everything using real-time and batch pipelines that we implement with the highest DataOps standards of reliability, quality, governance, monitoring

  • Data Software Engineering

    Data Software Engineering

    Create, improve and deliver data-intensive event-driven applications, backends and critical systems that make core of your business. We code in mainstream languages like Java, Scala, Kotlin, C++ and Python

  • Open-Source Contribution

    Open-Source Contribution

    Develop, add new features and integrations or fix issues in open-source software that you develop or use. We have a track of record of contributing to OSS such as Flink, Spark, Kedro, Airflow, Marquez, OpenLineage, Airbyte, dbt, Amundsen and more. We also developed open-source integrations for many proprietary products like Snowflake, Databricks or GCP services

~4.9 Stats on Clutch

Completed in half the estimated time and with a fivefold improvement on data collection goals, the robust product has exponentially increased processing capabilities. GetInData’s in-depth engagement, reliability, and broad industry knowledge enabled seamless project execution and implementation.

Wojciech Ptak

GetInData had been supporting us in building production Big Data infrastructure and implementing real-time applications that process large streams of data. In light of our successful cooperation with GetInData, their unique experience and the quality of work delivered, we recommend the company as a Big Data vendor.

Miłosz Balus

GetInData delivered a robust mechanism that met our requirements. Their involvement allowed us to add a feature to our product, despite not having the required developer capacity in-house.

Stephan Ewen

Their consistent communication and responsiveness enabled GetInData to drive the project forward. They possess comprehensive knowledge of the relevant technologies and have an intuitive understanding of business needs and requirements. Customers can expect a partner that is open to feedback.

Wilson Yu Cao
Development Team Manager

We sincerely recommend GetInData as a Big Data training provider! The trainer is a very experienced practitioner and he gave us a lot of tips regarding production deployments, possible issues as well as good practices that are invaluable for a Hadoop administrator.

Mariusz Popko
Platform Manager

The engineers and administrators at GetInData are world-class experts. They have proven experience in many open-source technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and Flink for implementing batch and real-time pipelines.

Kostas Tzoumas

Our Projects

Stream Analytics Platform for a Telecom Operator

getindata flink real time processing platform.png

We supported the largest telecommunication company in Kazakhstan in building a modern stream analytics platform. The platform supports various use-cases like marketing campaigns, frauds and enabling/disabling services.

Main technologies: Flink, Kafka, Nifi, Hadoop, Druid

The platform has dramatically benefitted business and increased efficiency for subscribers. GetInData’s collaborative approach was seamless. Their attention to detail and expert code quality are noteworthy.

Alexey Brodovshuk
Software Development Supervisor

Full-Stack Big Data Platform

getindata trucaller big data platform.png

We are installing and managing a Big Data cluster for the world's largest mobile phone community (>250 mln users). We are implementing ETL and analytics jobs and ad-hoc queries for hundreds of terabytes of production data.

Main technologies: Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Elasticsearch, Falcon/AirFlow, Kylin

GetInData acts in a way that is proactive, transparent, and above all, professional in every respect. When building solutions, they focus on providing maximum value, avoiding vendor lock-in and sharing knowledge. GetInData is an example of a model to which we would like all IT vendors to aspire

Umut Alp

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Our clients trusted us not only because we are an experienced Big Data company

  • Big Data for Business

    Big Data for Business

    If you want to know how we work with Big Data services for business, click the link below. On the GetIndata for Business site,we will tell you what the cooperation process looks like, how we deal with your project and how we choose the right tools.

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  • Knowledge base

    Knowledge base

    If you are interested in technical aspects of the Big Data solutions and Big Data Services we offer, go to the page where our specialists share their knowledge and experience in this field.

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